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Guest Blog: Tiger’s back – and so are his PR people!

In Uncategorized on April 9, 2010 at 2:56 am

There’s too much talk about Tiger …again, and the conversation is just too juicy to not join in. I’ve invited guest blogger Sayurie Naidoo to share her thoughts on the PR side of things.


What would be the best way to return to the public eye after a moment of shame and embarrassment – than to exploit your late father.

I know, I know. Everyone is jumping on the “Let’s hate on Tiger” bandwagon. And I’ll admit, it’s easy to jump on. The guy made a mockery of his family, his marriage and his public image.

Tiger’s return to the Master’s kicked off with a new TV ad from his loyal sponsor, Nike. The 30 second commercial features a pain-ridden Tiger, staring straight on at the camera while his late father’s voice echoes in the background. After the initial eeriness of this scene leaves you, it just seems like a desperate attempt for forgiveness. And maybe for a little sympathy, too.

But is this really such a bad thing? Tiger Woods is a full-blown celebrity. There is nothing typical about his life, nor has there ever been. Tiger Woods is also a brand. He is one of the world’s most powerful brands, owned by the PGA and Nike, two equally powerful corporations.

This brand can resist any storm. Because people truly like him. And they want him to succeed. They want to remember the good times, seeing the video of Tiger as a toddler. That Tiger can do no wrong.

For this reason, Tiger Woods, the brand, will do whatever it takes to be a success. Is this exploitation of his late father? No. It would be for the average person.

 But Tiger Woods is anything but average.