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#Futurecamp Finale

In Uncategorized on April 28, 2010 at 6:09 pm

What can we take from our social media class into the world of corporate communications?

This was the final question me and some fellow Humber PR peers were forced to ask ourselves now that social media class is done. There was no shortage of responses and this didn’t come as a surprise. We’ve been having these conversations as we’ve been learning along the way, with guidance from social media and public relations gurus such as: Bob Pickard, SMOjoe, Mitch JoelErin Bonokoski Joseph Thornley.

So I decided to read in between the lines. After all of the classroom twitpics, hash tags, wordles, blogs,  profiles, tweets, Skype tutorials, slideshares and DIGGS  I came to the conclusion that the answer is confidence.

We ended our  future camp discussion with the conclusion that we can enter the world of corporate communications  with the confidence in knowing how to manage a company’s online presence in a way that will bring value to their brand.

In other words, mission accomplished Michael Cayley.  Humber’s first social media class was a success!

Take a look at what my peers had to say:

Andrew Bartucci Caitlin McNamee-Lamb Kara Merpaw Sayurie Naidoo