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SocialApp Review: Wonderful World of WordPress… From one beginner to another.

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Yes, I’ll admit, I sort of judged a book blog by its cover template .As a beginner to the wonderful world of blogging, my first instinct was to select a blog domain based on aesthetics, simple start- up, and “How-to” resources.

And We’re In
Singing up was a synch. Some sites ask for your life story before granting access. But with WordPress that was not the case. The requirement does not go beyond the very basics: name, email, and password. As soon as I signed in, I was prompted to write my first blog within seconds! I was greeted by a short and sweet message that  invited me to start writing . Again, as a beginner blogger, it was nice to  see that little bit of encouragement to get started.

Looking Good
The site presents a clean and  sophisticated typeface  throughout the site. Along with a great use of  white space. For these two reasons I found the website  aesthetically pleasing.  

“How To” Help
Anxious to get started, I wanted to ensure the site offered substantial  “How to” resources .  The “How to” page is very user friendly. It was reassuring to see that even as I navigated away from the main page to search for some start up tips , the clean crisp design theme  was  maintained in each new window. The use of white space , large clear text, noticeable tags and basic jargon made  navigating the  help page a synch.

Integration and Publicity
Thanks to various promotion applications on WordPress I can focus on blogging rather than promoting.  Applications are available to integrate my work with other social media sites. Through an application called Ping – o – Matic, my blog can be automatically sent to my Twitter account. And Publicize automatically loads my blog  onto search engines and global tag pages.

Most interesting feature so far…
Dashboard. This is the term Word Press coined for the first page you see after logging  in.  Presented on that page is a snapshot on the level of activity that for all aspects of the blog.

Getting to know my neighbours
Proud to say that my new blogger domain is also home to the famous television personality, Giada De Laurentiis, from the Food Network, and whose shows I personally enjoy. Also, the man  known and hated for his celebrity gossip blog, Perez Hilton.

Once again, as a first time blogger, a look into the technical applications are not something I am ready to consider. My apologies to my partner Anna  for selecting a blog application to review that did not work well for her. If you’re  curious to see why she wasn’t feeling WordPress , see Anna Cerzerniawski’s Blog.  Me on the other hand, I liked what I saw, and I’m a sucker for love at first sight.

Here’s a video review if you need further convincing.

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